“Satan has certainly been the best friend the church has ever had, as he has kept it in business all these years.” - Anton LaVey

drunk and depressed, this wont end we,ll. 

why has my hearing amplified. everything is so loud fucking hell.

Byebye followers. 

suffered all this shit for 4 years, been through counselling, hospital based therapy…the lot and i’m still feeling as shit as ever. fuck you life. 


I’ve pretty much abandoned Tumblr as I find I always trigger myself due to the raw material found on my dashboard which I have no control over. I understand some people find reblogging such things helps them and I can’t tell people what to reblog…Therefore, I am stopping the whole “surfing my dash” and using tumblr more for a diary as I feel this is the only place I can write my emotions down when they get bad..Sometimes I may reblog some stuff but nothing near the blog I used to have going with 300 images queued constantly. 

This is where you have the chance to unfollow me if you don’t want to read posts about my emotions. If you will just be hateful, do me a favour and leave now. If you want to continue following me, then hi. 

Hope that’s cleared stuff up. 

I don’t give a shit anymore. Let people hate you and realise their life is shittier than yours as this feel the need to hate on others to feel some sort of emotion. I just delete the negative people off all social media and it helps x

Who are “we”…?

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